We Need Time, Skills, Influence, Money & Equipment.

There is a role for everyone So Get Involved!

Shared Universe is a not-for-profit organisation whose purpose is to prevent the extinction of endangered animals by creating and securing their habitats. Our initial focus is on the plight of elephants and rhinos.

We do this by supporting.....

  • Field facilities to enable HE Students complete Masters or Doctorate research
  • Careers in Wildlife Conservation
  • Volunteer opportunities in wildlife conservation

The people behind this project came together in mid 2014 since when they have.........

  • Acquired 20,000 acres of land
  • Made it safe
  • Created 40 local jobs
  • Operate a full-service safari lodge
  • Erected 30 miles of top-of-the range electrified game fences
  • Constructed a 65,000 cubic metre reservoir
  • Enabled the game count to double which has enabled the natural introduction of carnivores into the food chain
  • Refurbished facilities for a volunteer and research centre
  • Created a Charitable Foundation in South Africa, the Netherlands and the UK.
  • Secured the appropriate difficult-to-get wildlife licences
  • Introduced a family of wild elephants onto the reserve – the first time in 120 years that elephants have been allowed to roam freely in this part of the country
  • Undertaken countless other initiatives that underpin all the above