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Cherrie Masvaure


Anti-Poaching School Project Planner - Volunteer

Cherrie's experience in running Oncology clinical trial projects kindled her passion for project management and spurred her on to her MBA. Having graduated from her masters studies, she changed career from looking after people to looking out for animals. Wildlife conservation was the natural fit. Growing up on an African farm gave her good first hand experience of what is involved when combining tourism with bio-diversity. Working in the tourism industry taught her about the impact, importance, and sheer scale that wild life contributes to the economy. So, in volunteering for SUF, she has found an opportunity to contribute to the conservation of the most endangered species and make a difference for future generations.




Lucy Burlingham.jpg

Lucy Burlingham


Illustrator & Volunteer

I'm Lucy, an Illustrator from Gloucestershire.  

I typically draw animals in watercolour or fine line pen but I love anything that revolves around nature having grown up surrounded by it.  

My passion for wildlife brings me to support and care about their future. This is why I am interested in supporting SUF to work together to prevent the extinction of endangered animals.   

These animals are beautiful and I want to help secure the future of their habitats.



Liz Porter.jpg

Liz Porter


Graphic Designer & Volunteer

I am a graphic designer and owner of The Graphics Garden, based in Bristol, UK, but working on projects all over the world. As well as working for some pretty large private and public sector organisations, I like to work with not-for-profit organisations whenever I can. 

I have been involved with Shared Universe since early 2017, when Domonic asked me if I'd like to help them to improve their branding. I have always had an interest in helping wildlife, both native to the UK and from other countries, so helping the SUF team to update their branding and work on new exciting projects has been a pleasure.




Stu Jolley Socea Photo.jpg

Stuart Jolley-Socea


Video Producer & Volunteer

I am a Video Producer, Director, Camera Operator and Editor, based in Vienna, Austria, and work throughout Europe and occasionally further afield. Specializing in the art of the short video, my most recent work has been focusing on videos for social media, connected to educational, corporate, theatrical & music video worlds, plus an ongoing DVD production for the Ukulele Orchestra of Great Britain!

Having spent some time in Uganda and Tanzania, working with the Jane Goodall Institute producing several short documentary films highlighting the many projects being carried out across the countries, I found myself doing some incredibly fulfilling work in the most specular of surroundings. Definitely a life-changing adventure, and one I wish to repeat again and again.





Richard Ogston


Project Planner & Volunteer

With 25 years of experience working in the city of London as an operations and project manager I reached a point where it was time for a change. Last year I successfully completed an MSc in project management at the University of Westminster.  Since then I have been using my experience to deliver change and value in new sectors.  As someone who genuinely cares about wildlife I am excited to be part of the Shared Universe Foundation, UK team. It’s great to think that I can use my skills to help Shared Universe make a real and tangible difference to animals that are in desperate need of support in South Africa.




Domonic White Mugshot.jpg

Domonic White


Trustee & Film maker

Domonic has been involved with Shared Universe since September 2016 when he travelled to South Africa to make a short documentary film about the charity and it’s work - specifically the relocation of a family of 7 elephants onto the Mapesu reserve. 

As a film maker and producer, Domonic specialises in 360 filming for Virtual Reality productions. Whilst in South Africa he captured 360 footage which we now use as part of the Shared Universe ‘elephant days’ for primary schools. This experience includes footage showing sleeping elephants being lifted by their feet over the camera as they’re carefully placed into a truck for transportation, plus close-up footage of the elephants then waking up in the back of the truck before they head off to their new home. Both give the children a unique and engaging insight into what it takes to care for, and protect endangered species.

Domonic also contributes to the general running of the charity on a day to day basis, helping with project management, the pastoral care of volunteers, and assisting with other administration activities. 

Domonic is currently a trustee of the foundation.




Katy CV photo.jpg

Katy Mead


‘Elephant day’ Project Leader

I have been an animal lover for as long as I can remember. As soon as I left school I completed a diploma in Animal management and welfare.  I then continued my animal studies with a degree in Animal science and behaviour.

 Since graduating I have spent some years working within the animal care industry and taken some time out to bring up my 2 children. Working with domestic animals is rewarding in many ways, however my real passion is for wildlife and conservation. Having children has really made me think about the future of this planet for them. Wildlife populations globally have declined by 60% in less than 50 years. Being a part of SUF is giving me the opportunity to do my part to help prevent this decline.

My volunteer work with Shared Universe so far has involved leading ‘Elephant days’ in Primary schools, I have also been fortunate enough to travel to South Africa to stay at Mapesu private game reserve in Limpopo. This amazing and eye opening experience, combined with the use of my wildlife knowledge is proving to make ‘Elephant days’ a success. Educating the next generations and encouraging future conservation careers is critical in order to protect our natural world.




JMH Media Profile Photo 3.jpg

James Hill


Founder & Trustee

Like Hugh Fearnley Whittingstall, I maybe a Johnny-come-lately to the wildlife conservation arena, but it only took a few moments of total immersion in the pristine wilderness of some of Africa’s most stunning savannah to turn my life inside out. Newspaper boy, Disc jockey, Fork-lift truck driver, Door-to-door salesman, Stock jobbing, Stock broking, Corporate finance, Construction, the Eiger Project, Warriors, Accountancy, Estate planning, Heritage & Legacy design, and Philanthropy. I’ve looked in a lot of places to find meaning and purpose, but nothing has come close to my involvement with the Shared Universe Project. There is a compelling urgency to act now. Creating safe habitat deals with the twin threats of poaching and habitat destruction. There is something each of us can do and Shared Universe is about providing the opportunities to people to get involved and see the difference they make.