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Mopane Lodge Guests

For Mopane Bush Lodge Guests we offer a pick & mix menu

experience 'hands on' conservation behind the scenes


Pick & Mix Menu

For guests of Mopane Bush Lodge, we offer a pick and mix menu, where guests are able to experience 'hands-on' conservation behind the scenes, for one or more days of your stay.

Axel Primmer, Conservation Manager at Mapesu, will be your guide and educator, as you experience a completely different bush adventure.

From walking in the bush, early morning patrols, tracking animals and recording flora, to helping maintain the reserve, and working in the nursery and workshop, we can help fine tune your bushcraft skills. The pick and mix menu allows you to pursue your interests and create your own adventure.

To find out more about the options available during your stay contact Michelle Oosthuysen Mopane Bush Lodge E-mail: Tel: +27 083 633 0795