Cold cast bronze Otter by Martin Adamson

Cold cast bronze Otter by Martin Adamson


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We are delighted to offer supporters of SUF UK the chance to buy one of 20 limited edition cold cast bronze Otter heads, with accompanying mirror pool, by fine art animal sculptor Martin Adamson.  Find the perfect spot in your gravel path or garden to display this charming character in all it’s endearing glory.

About the artist
Working from his Studio in Chalford, nr Stroud Martin Adamson has been a sculptor and modelmaker for nearly twenty years.

His sculptures have developed from an attention to detail gained whilst working for companies such as Aardman animation and the BBC. His animal sculpts demonstrate an ability to capture the character of his subject. Sculpting, moulding and casting his pieces in the Cotswolds, the development into fine art sculpture has been a natural one due to a life-long love of sculpting.

About otters
The European otter is part of the same family as badgers, weasels, stoats, pine marten and mink (Mustelidae). It is listed in the International Union for the Conservation of Natures' (IUCN) Red Book as 'vulnerable to extinction'.