Daisy Murdoch Elephant Design Kids T-shirt

Daisy Murdoch Elephant Design Kids T-shirt


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We are delighted to offer supporters of SUF (UK), Kids T-shirts featuring this beautiful baby African Elephant design, drawn by Amberley based artist Daisy Murdoch. Daisy is well known for her stunning work, and we feel this charcoal drawing truly captures the spirit and charm of the juvenile elephants on our reserve in South Africa.

Elephants are endangered species whose numbers are on steep decline. It’s estimated that around 100 elephants are killed every day by poaching alone – that’s one every 15 minutes, every day of the year - and it’s currently projected they will be extinct in the wild within 15 – 20 years! In addition to poaching, habitat loss is a big factor in the demise of elephant which is why Shared Universe was established to secure spaces for elephants and other endangered animals. 


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