Elephant Box water bottle

Elephant Box water bottle


For those looking to reduce their use of plastic, we are delighted to sell this stylish water bottle from the lovely folks at Elephant Box. 

Diameter at mouth 50mm

Diameter at base 70mm

Height 245mm

Weight 204g

Capacity 750ml

Please note that this is not a thermos type product intended for holding and keeping drinks warm. If you put a warm liquid in this bottle the bottle will also become warm to the touch.

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The Elephant Box 750ml water bottle is uncomplicated design at its best. It's 100% 18/8 grade stainless steel which means it's easy to clean and won't retain or impart flavours - giving you a fresh tasting drink every time! Its wide mouth makes for easy filling and drinking and you can even squeeze a few ice cubes in there to keep your water cold on those hot days. It also has a carry loop so you can carabiner it to your bag.