Shared Universe Foundation is a registered UK charity with two big goals:- The first is to prevent extinction by securing and re-wilding habitat; and the second is to encourage people into careers in wildlife conservation, and we do that by enabling people to enjoy hands-on fully immersive front-line experiences in the field.

Our team in The UK comprises three Trustees - we are encouraged and supported by volunteers and always on the hunt for more help. The first project we became involved in is right on the border between Botswana, South Africa and Zimbabwe, but since then we have supported projects in Uganda, Rwanda, and Kenya. We are looking for a suitable maritime project to support at the moment.

We started in mid 2014 and have been stunned by the speed and depth of the impact that so few people have already made. Click on the little video shorts above, take a tour around the website and then contact us to see how we can help each other.

We are not seeking to persuade people by argument, just offering like-minded people an opportunity to get stuck in and help in ways that they may not have imagined were possible or open to them.